Need List

If you have one of the following manuals we would very much like a chance to borrow it to scan. As a courtesy for the use of the manual we will extend to you two free downloads from our extensive PDF library, plus a PDF copy of your original manual

  • Ballantine 355 Manual with Schematics
  • Ballantine 3205A & 3205B Manuals with Schematics
  • Bruel & Kajer 4231 Manual with Schematics
  • Bruel & Kajer 2426 Manual with Schematics
  • Fluke 730A Manual with Schematics
  • General Microwave 465B
  • General Microwave 476
  • HP 113AR Manual with Schematics
  • HP 3810C Service Manual with Schematics
  • HP 8753C Service Manual with Schematics
  • HP 52645A/D CLIP (Schematics Manuals)
  • HP 83640B SERVICE OR CLIP (Schematics Manual)
  • Krohn-Hite 6800 Manual with Schematics
  • Marconi 6200 Manual with Schematics
  • Motorola T1020A ( prefer instruction manual with schematics)
  • Pacific Measurements 1004 (manuals with schematics)
  • Racal Dana 4200 (need the power supply schematic ONLY)
  • Systron Donner M106A Service Manual
  • Tektronix 2220 Operator & Service Manual
  • Tektronix 2782 Operator & Service Manual (Schematics)
  • Tektronix TLS216 ( Extended Service manual WITH schematics only)
  • Wavetek 21 (Service with schematics … I have the operator)
  • Wavetek 80/81 Operator & Service Manual (Schematics)
  • Wavetek 95 Operator & Service Manual (Schematics)
  • Wavetek/Datron 4600 Operator & Service Manual (Schematics)

Use the contact page to send us a note about one of the manuals above or to request that we add a particular manual to the need list.

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